Dakshin Dinajpur


RD Department



Prior to 1995 there have two Directorates i.e.

      1. Directorate of Animal Husbandry
      2. Directorate of Veterinary Services

On recommendations of Biplab Das Gupta Commission these two Directorates were amalgamated and the Directorate of Animal resources Development was formed.


The district HQ has the office of Deputy Director of ARD, who is also the Parishad officer of Zilla Parishad.

  • One District Veterinary Officer
  • One Assistant Director, Disease Investigation
  • One Assistant Director, Cattle Development
  • One Assistant Director, Administration
  • One Assistant Director, Small Livestock Development
  • One Assistant Director, Fodder Development
  • Six Assistant Superintendents of Livestock

There is an Additional District Veterinary officer & One Veterinary Surgeon (Mass Innoculation) posted in the district HQ. In the Sub-Division level, there is one Sub-Divisional livestock Development Officer, who is also the Senior Veterinary Surgeon of the State Veterinary Hospital. In each block there is a Block Livestock Development Officer & two Veterinary Surgeons. In the Veterinary hospital, there is a Veterinary Pathologist. In each Gram Panchayat there is a Livestock Development Assistant to cater to the needs of the rural people so far as ARD is concerned. Recently, this Directorate has introduced one volunteer designated as "Prani Bandhu" who will also provide the same services to the rural people. The "Prani Bandus" are self employed.


Animal Resources Development has four- phased activities

  • Breeding
  • Feeding
  • Management
  • Treatment / Disease Prevention

The Local breed of cattle is of indigenous variety having milk production capacity of four to five litres a day. The local breed of Poultry or Duck produces 60-80 eggs per year. The local pigs gain weight about 25-30 kg in 9 months after birth. An upgradation programme has been launched to improve the productivity of these animals and birds. In case of Cattle or Buffalo it is by Artificial Insemination with modern frozen Semen technology. This facility is available in each Gram Panchayat. The cost of AI is at present Rs 10/- per AI, which will be increased to Rs 20/-per AI. Up-gradation of poultry & Duck is being done by introducing exotic cocks & Drakes (Male Duck) to the framers at a subsidized price. The local cocks & Drakes will be replaced in phases by these exotic varieties. The local pigs will be up-graded through introduction of exotic boars.

By this process, in a span of 3-4 years the production of milk will increase by 8-10 litres per day. The growth of pigs is expected to be 50-60 kg in 9 months after birth.

Facilities are available for these developments in all the Gram Panchayat in the district. Increase in production is directly related to availablity of green fodder. Balanced foods, better management & disease control use of modern technology down in fodder development has been percolated to the Gram Panchayat level. From all the Gram Panchayat level centers & Block dispensaries, health coverage programme are taken up. All the vaccines related to prevention of disease except FMD vaccines are supplied free of cost. In each Gram Panchayat vaccinations are given every week on a scheduled date. More over each Gram Panchayat animal health camps are being organished at least twice a year & in emergency cases more frequently.

In order to encourage the un-employed youths towards self-employment through ARD, every month training programme on different husbandries is conducted at Balurghat State poultry Farm and at Gangarampur. Kaldighi NGO Awareness camps are being organished with the active participation of Gram Panchayat & Panchayat Samities.

Departmentally, some family-based programmes are being conducted with 75% subsidy & 25% farmers contributions. Beneficiaries are being selected by respective Gram Panchayat.

The Dy Director ARD vets the Schemes of aspiring enterpreuners for financial assistances from different financial institutions. The department also prepares model schemes for aspiring farmers & enterpreneurs in ARD sector. However, the department does not have any arrangement for giving financial assistance or subsidy to enterpreneurs.



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