Dakshin Dinajpur


istrict sainik Board

The Zila Sainik Board, Dakshin Dinajpur started functioning from 23.06.95 from the premises of Balurghat Collectorate.  This Zila Sainik Board is responsible for the welfare of the Ex-Servicemen, War-widows, Widows of Ex-Servicemen and their dependents as well as serving soldiers hailing from Malda, Dakshin Dinajpur and Uttar Dinajpur districts. The District Magistrate, Dakshin Dinajpur is the President of the Zila Sainik Board.

Functions and Activities of Zila Sainik Board :

  1. Registration, Census and issue of Identity Cards to Ex-Servicemen, War-Widows and Widows of Ex-Servicemen
  2. Receiving, scrutinizing and processing of applications of eligible Ex-Servicemen, War Widows and Widows for Ex-Servicemen for financial assistance from WBECRF and also for marriage grants from either Rajya Sainik Board or Kendriya Sainik Board
  3. Receiving, scrutinizing and processing of applications of eligible school and college going children of Ex-Servicemen, War Widows and Widows of Ex-Servicemen for Book Grant/Stipend from Rajya Sainik Board

The Zila Sainik Welfare Office (ZSWO)/Zila Sainik Board (ZSB) is responsible for the following tasks...

  1. Disseminating information to the general public regarding the Armed Forces and constantly endeavouring to promote and maintain goodwill among civilian, service personnel and ex-servicemen
  2. Monitoring the Welfare of families of servicemen and ex-servicemen and assisting them in representing their cases with the local office of the Defence Authorities
  3. Giving information to the general public regarding the service conditions in the Armed Forces and to assist intending candidates in approaching the recruiting authorities for enlistment
  4. Keeping a watch on the adequacy of the number of pension paying Branch Post Offices
  5. Granting financial relief to ex-servicemen and their dependents from funds at ZSB's disposal

Welfare responsibilities of Zila Sainik Welfare Office (ZSWO)...

  1. Settlement of problems of pension and other retirement/release benefits/dues to ex-servicemen and grants and assistance in kinds to ex-servicemen beneficiaries and their dependents from the Central/State Governments or other organisations such as the Indian Red Cross Society, etc
  2. Maintaining close liaison with the Pension Disbursing Authorities/Agencies in the District to ensure prompt and correct payment of pension and relief to ex-servicemen pensioners or their dependents
  3. Providing assistance for settlement of land and other disputes
  4. Promote and maintain, under the guidance of the Rajya Sainik Board, Welfare measures in the District such as Rest House for ex-servicemen, Old Age Pensioners' Homes, Vocational and other training facilities, etc
  5. Mobilise assistance for medical treatment in Military/Civil hospitals.

Responsibilities of the Zila Sainik Welfare Office (ZSWO) regarding resettlement of ex-servicemen are as follows...

  1. Maintaining a close liaison and regular interactions with local Central/State/Private Industrial Organisations
  2. Keeping in touch with the local employment exchange particularly in states where it has co-sponsoring powers for re-employment of ex-servicemen
  3. Local revenue authorities in connection with schemes for ex-servicemen resettlement on land
  4. Giving assistance to ex-servicemen interested in setting up SSI units with the help of DIC/BDO's offices
  5. Assist ex-servicemen in forming and setting up co-operatives for their self-employment
  6. Provide all resettlement assistance to war widows, dependents and war disabled as well as to those who died / have been disabled while in service due to attributable reasons

Other responsibilities of Zila Sainik Welfare Office (ZSWO) are...

  1. Organise Flag Day functions and raise Flag Day collections or take up any other authorised fund raising programmes in the district
  2. Organise rallies/re-unions of ex-servicemen
  3. Explore avenues for providing educational and vocational trainings for ex-servicemen and their dependents so as to enable them to seek employment or start self-employment ventures
  4. Undertake on behalf of the three services (Army, Navy and the Air force) publicity of recruitment notices, introduction of any new welfare measures of service personnel and their families, notifications of gallantry awards, role played by the armed forces during and national calamities, etc



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