Dakshin Dinajpur


otor Vehicles

Motor Vehicles is one of the most vital section of the Collectorate, so far as the collection of revenue is concerned.

General public approaches this section for...

Registration of vehicles (Form-70 and Form-60)

Issue of driving licence (Form-8 and Form-7, Form-4, Form-9, Form-1)

Transfer of ownership (Form-29, Form-30)

Change of address recorded in the Certificate of Registration (Form-33)

Issue of Temporary Permit (Form-IX)

Issue of permit in respect of a particular Contract Carriage (Form-II)

Isuue of  permit in respect of particular Stage Carriage

Issue of Goods Carriage permit (Form III)

Renewal of Certificate of Fitness (Form C.F.R.A.)

Everybody is requested not to drive a motor vehicle without valid and proper Licence, Permit (if applicable), Certificate of Fitness / Registration, Pollution Under Control Certificate and  Insurance Certificate.

Contact the Motor Vehicles Section directly and don't fall in the trap of unscrupulous and unauthorised agents.



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