Dakshin Dinajpur

Name of the Parliamentary Constituency : 6-Balurghat

* Electors as on 05/01/2016
No. & Name of A/C Part No. Male Female Third Gender Total Electors
37-Kushmandi(SC) AC 218 100379 90150 3 190532
38-Kumarganj AC 201 93523 84742 3 178268
39-Balurghat AC 188 81744 78691 11 160446
40-Tapan(ST) AC 217 98278 91780 3 190061
41-Gangarampur(SC) AC 229 102705 94423 5 197133
42-Harirampur AC 218 101653 94477 0 196130
Total 1271 578282 534263 25 1112570

6-Balurghat Parliamentary Constituency consists of 6(Six) ACs, i.e 37-Kushmandi(SC), 38-Kumarganj, 39-Balurghat, 40-Tapan(ST), 41-Gangarampur(SC), 42-Harirampur ACs under Dakshin Dinajpur District .

So the total electors of the 6 ACs of this district is 11,12,570.

Returning Officers Details of Dakshin Dinajpur District

37-Kushmandi(SC) AC - Shri Atanu Kumar Mondal, (Dy. Magistrate & Dy. Collector)
Pnone No. 9734195317
Email-ID 1- Rowbla037@gmail.com
Email-ID2- sdogmp@gmail.com
38-Kumarganj AC - Shri Avik Das, (DPLO, Dakshin Dinajpur)
Pnone No. 8373069013
Email-ID 1- Rowbla038@gmail.com
Email-ID2- dplobalurghat@gmail.com
39-Balurghat AC - Shri Sandip Dutta, (SDO, Balurghat)
Pnone No. 9434055610
Email-ID 1- Rowbla039@gmail.com
Email-ID2- sdmbalurghat@gmail.com
40-Tapan(ST) AC - Shri Manish Das, (Dy. Magistrate & Dy. Collector)
Pnone No. 8373069015
Email-ID 1- Rowbla040@gmail.com
Email-ID2- kanyashree.dpmu@gmail.com
41-Gangarampur(SC) AC - Shri Tarun Bhattacharya, (Spl. L.A.O, Dakshin Dinajpur)
Pnone No. 8373069007
Email-ID 1- Rowbla041@gmail.com
Email-ID2- tarun.smile@gmail.com
42-Harirampur) AC - Shri Anukul Sarkar, (SDO, Gangarampur at Buniadpur)
Pnone No. 9434055613
Email-ID 1- Rowbla042@gmail.com
Email-ID2- sdogmp@gmail.com

In addition to this, all Block Development Officers , Jt. Block Development Officers & some other Extension Officers of the Block level are notified as Assistant Electoral Registration Officers of the respective Assembly Constituencies falling within the concerned Block. Any interested person who intends to enroll his/her name in the electoral roll of concerned Assembly Constituency or delete/ transhift any name from or rectify any entry in respect of any elector in the existing roll may apply to the Electoral Registration Officer in the prescribed form.

After receiving the application the Electoral Registration Officer will dispose the same by calling the applicant personally in a hearing and/or through field enquiry as and when necessary. Accordingly supplements of Electoral Roll are made and published, copies of which are given to all political parties and also made available at the Municipality and Gram Panchayat Offices for inspection by the public.

Normally a summary/special revision of Electoral Roll is being conducted every year, when Designated Officers (mostly Assistant Teachers of Primary Schools) sit at the polling stations for receiving claims & objections in respect of existing entries in the Electoral Roll, which are subsequently disposed off by the Assistant Electoral Registration Officers through hearing/enquiry at the Gram Panchayat level by serving notices in that regard on the applicants. Appeal, if any in this regard may be made to the Electoral Registration Officers.

Every elector should possess an Elector's Photo Identity Card (EPIC) which is prepared and distributed to the electors free of cost as per the guidelines of the Election Commission of India. Arrangements of taking photographs and delivering the EPIC to the concerned electors are usually made at Gram Panchayat level and also at the block level. For getting a new EPIC, duplicate EPIC or to rectify any error in the respect of the photograph or any other entry in the existing EPIC, an elector has to apply to the ERO in the specified forms.