Dakshin Dinajpur

The District is taking the advantage of IT to improve efficiency in the in-house processes and also to impart better and quick services to the common people.

National Informatics Centre, Govt. of India is a premier organization which is promoting information technology in the District Administration since its infancy.

Following are some examples of succesful implementation of IT in the district...

Computerization of Land Records could safely claim to be the first initiative to E-Governance in India at the grass root level. Electronic Records of Rights (ROR) is provided from Block level Offices to the land owners at normal rates.

All type of revenue collections are computerized. This is very useful for monitoring the resource mobilization work done by the revenue collecting Departments.

Mid-day-meal distribution system is fully computerized. Roll strength of the schools of the districts are updated regularly by the Social Welfare Dept. The system takes only the block wise allotment as input and distributes it with computerized system to all the schools and prepare the share for each school, dealer and distributor and all the lifting orders for dealers. Distributors and School are prepared. This makes the total distribution work possible properly within a short period of time to reach the actual service to the beneficiaries. Presently the system is running using completely open environment of J2EE.

SSK Information system maintains details of all the SSK Centres in the Districts. It maintains infrastructural details, year wise , class wise and category wise roll strength and the information related to the Sahayak / Sahayika of the Centre. This is a complete management information system used by the district effectively.

The Self Employment Scheme of West Bengal Government, i.e. Bangla Swanirbhar Karmasansthan Prakalpo (BSKP) has been computerized. Youth Welfare Department uses the user-friendly software and now searching the information of any applicant along with its recovery status is very easy. Preparation of forwarding letters to banks and other offices & departments and various reports required for State & District level meetings are automatically generated. With computerisation, generating performance reports of motivators and bank-wise reports have become easier & faster.

Motor Vehicles department is computerized. The department has started running national level software of NIC namely VAHAN.

National level online PlanPlus software is implemented towards decentralized planning process.

During Elections, formation of polling parties & counting parties, coding and decoding of the polling stations, compilation of results are done through computerized system.

The state level software COSA (Computerization of Salary Accounts) is implemented in differents DDOs' office of the district administration.


Computerization of Registration of Documents is the state level Software to automate the registration offices of the state of West Bengal.The Software is running in all the Registration offices of the District Dakshin Dinajpur.
The Software is capable of registering documents with speed,reliability and transparency .CORD integrates scanning of deed after the completion of deed.

Following Registration functions are automated :
I.Assessment of Market Value,
II.Generation of payable stump duty,
III.Generation of payable registration fees.

Total work flow for completion of registration process viz. Capturing of photo & fingerprint,generation endorsement has reduced the total time taken to complete the registration process.

The following Post Registration Services are also incorporated in this Software:
I.Searching of deeds,
II.Inspection of deeds,
III.Copy of Registered deeds.

NIC Infrastructure

a) Host based, Client Server & Web Server environment. All under network.
b) WAN - NIC has its well known WAN namely NICNET. The Server at NIC works as a gateway to the internet for the machines in the office of the District Administration. During office hours Departmental offices could be connected to internet either as a part of the LAN or through dial-up connection with NIC server.
c) National Video Conferancing Studio - The studio facilitates video conferencing from the district to different part of the Indian administration.

Other Activities

a) Govt. of west Bengal has made a high speed leased line which interconnect the District Office and Writers' Building through WBSWAN for video conferencing
b) Treasury application has been computerized