Dakshin Dinajpur

                            In the industries sector there is nothing significant except for some rice mills which are totally agro based. The cottage and small scale industries and the handloom sectors deserve a little mention. As regards transport and communication, the position of the district is far from satisfactory, having only one State Highway. The district has no railway head. Bengali is the principal language and hindus and muslims constitute the major portion of the population.

                            A good number of people in this district live below the poverty line. The percentage of the B.P.L families is 83%.

Available resources, Existing Industries & Prospects

Industry Existing Prospective
Agro & Food-based Rice Mill, Mini Rice Mill, Chira Mill, Husking & Wheat grinding Mills, Noodles & Vermicelli making Mills, Mustard oil Mfg Mill, Jute made Dhokra Rice bran Oil, Flour mill, Tomato & Other fruit processing products, Poly-packed Mustard Oil, Jute made soft luggage, Particle board, Jute-cotton fabric, Jute blanket, Modernised bakery and confectionary
Mineral & Forest-based Chimney bricks, Tiles, Coke briquette, Wooden furniture, RCC Spun Pipe, Cement grill, Pipe, PCC Poll, Sal leaf plate making Fly-ash bricks, Refractory bricks, Mosaic tiles mfg
Chemical based Phenyl, Storage battery, Detergent HDPE Poly Pipe, Polythene sheet, Plastic products
Artisan-based Handicrafts product (Wood/Bamboo/Embroidery/Jute/ Sola work) Qualitative upgradation of present products
Demand based Engineering, Workshop, Steel Gate, Grill, Steel Furniture mfg, Automobiles Servicing, Film process lab, Electrical & Electronic goods, Assembling, Computer Servicing, IT based service, Cyber café, Offset printing Automobile body building (Bus, Lorry, etc), Tyre retreading (cold), Auto parts mfg, Residential hotel

Land available for Industrial purpose...

Block Area in Acres Proximity with
Rail / Road Power Stn Water Source
Balurghat 1.04 1/2 km from SH-10 3 kms 1 km from Atreyee river
1.89 1 km from SH-10 3 kms 4 kms from Atreyee river
3.99 1 km from SH-10 3 kms 5 kms from Atreyee river
Kushmandi 3.16 1 km from Usha Haran Road 2 kms No existing