Dakshin Dinajpur

The Rural Sanitation Programme was adopted in this district in 1994-95 with a view to making people conscious about use of potable water, safe disposal of human excreta, cleanliness of home and surroundings, personal hygiene, etc. Since the concept of Sanitation is an integral part of this programme, arrangements have been made for making sanitary latrines at affordable cost through the NGOs. In this connection Sanitary Marts are functioning in 7 out of 8 Blocks of this district. Hili Block is yet to be covered with the Sanitary Mart.

Having been encouraged with the initial success of this programmes, it is felt that the situation is ripe to launch an intensive programme to cover individual households with latrines, and also to erect them in public places. Special emphasis has been given for installation of latrines in Primary Schools and Co-Educational Schools as it was observed that girls commonly miss out on education, if School Sanitation facilities are inadequate. Due to lack of separate facilities for girls and boys, many girls feel uncomfortable to attend school. Considering the above, this district proposed to the Government for Total Sanitation Campaign for an estimated cost of Rs 1748.65 lakhs. The National Scheme Sanctioning Committee, New Delhi has approved Rs 891.16 lakhs towards total project cost including State share of Rs 128.88 lakhs and beneficiaries contribution of Rs 343.24 lakhs.

30% share from Central and State have already been received. To ascertain actual position, we have conducted household survey. It transpires from Survey Report that 2,97,273 households have to be covered with the sanitary latrines.

Already we covered 42,000 households with the latrines upto the month of December, 2001 since introduction of the scheme.

The target for 2001-2002 was 50,000 household latrines and the target for 2002-2003 is 1,00,000.