Dakshin Dinajpur

Historically probably the most important of all places in the entire district, Bangarh boasts of the largest share of archaeological ruins and icons to be found in Dakshin Dinajpur. It is situated 45 Km away from Balurghat town and 65 Km from Malda town. Bangarh was the capital of KOTI BARSHA district. During the GUPTA period, the whole of North Bengal was known as PUNDRA VARDHANA BHUKTI (PRADESH). It was again sub-divided into number of VISHAYAs (DISTRICT). KOTI BARSHA was one of the districts. Its old name was DEBKOT/DEBIKOT. In a radius of 8 Km of this area, different ancient archaelogical remnants have been found.

Under the leadership of Prof Kunja Gobinda Goswami the excavation work was done between 1938-I941. After excavation, so many historical objects and archeological ruins have been found beginning from Mauryan era to Muslim period.

Some of the notable objects found on excavations are

Manuscript of king Naipala of 11th   century - now it is kept in the college Museum of Balurghat

Statue of century (DARPAL) - it is stated that this statue is kept in Balurghat Police line

Four big pillars of Granite stones - it can be found in the village Shibbati, i.e. near the excavation spot. In the opinion of historians, these were the Pillars of Lord Vishnu Temple

Walls of buildings - it can be found in Situ at Bangarh

Statues & Pillars - many statues, pillars and variety of small objects are kept in the Shibbati Missionary School.

Grave of Bakhtiar Khilji - on the western side of Bangarh on the bank of river Punarbhaba, we can see the grave of Turkish warrior Bakhtiar Khilji

Usha Haran Road - The myth has it that by this road the grand son of Lord Krishna namely Anirudhya kidnapped Usha, the daughter of King Bana.



Within 1 (one) Km of Gangarampur town, there is a big lake named "Dhal Dighi". It is about 1.5 Km in length and dates back to the Pal Dynasty. As colour of the water of this lake was "DHALA" i.e. White, the lake is called Dhal Dighi.

On the northern bank of the lake is the grave of a famous muslim saint Atash Fakir. Some carved stone pillars and wall inscriptions can be seen in this grave.



Just about 200 metres away from Dhaldighi, there is another lake called Kaldighi. This lake is also as big as Dhaldighi. As the colour of the water of this lake was black it is named as "KALDIGHI'. During winter, large number of migratory birds flock to this place.

This Kaldighi has recently been purchased by Dakshin Dinajpur Zilla Parishad for development of Pissiculture and for creating composite demonstration center of different schemes such as Poultry, Piggery, Milch Cow, Duckery, Biogas plant, Solar energy system, etc.

A brick road has been constructed on each side of the lake. Thick plantation by the side of the bank create a charming environment in this area. One children park is also under construction in the area. Further, the district authority has sanctioned fund for construction of a lodge.



Mahipal lake (Area 61.16 acre) is situated at a distance of 60 Km from Balurghat and 30 Km from Gangarampur. During the period of Pal Dynasty, Mahipal II, dug this lake. This is also a very big water body. On the northern bank of this lake there was a "NILKOTHI' of Mr. Tomas who was a close friend of William Kerry. At that time, William Kerry was also in-charge of another "NILKOTHI' at Madnabati (District- Malda).

The distance from Mahipal to Madnabati is about 30 Km. The ruined buildings of NILKOTHI still attracts the people of this locality. During winter large number of migratory birds flock to this place.



From Mahipal road at a distance of 2 Km, there is one small forest belonging to the Forest Dept. This forest has recently been taken up for beautification by planting ornamental trees and flowers. Further, provision for constructing one lodge is also there, which can be used to accommodate tourists



This is one of the historical places situated in the eastern side of river Srimati. Its distance is about 35 Km from Gangarampur and about 60 Km from Malda. Many icons and archeological objects have been found in this area. Some of these are kept in the Police Station and Block Office.

Apart from this there are 4 (four) big lakes... 

  • MILIAN DIGHI (Area 80.48 acre)
  • GOUR DIGHI (Area 58.09 acre)

These vast water bodies offer a perfect avenue for boating arrangement. This area is well connected by pucca road. During winter, large number of migratory birds flock to this place.

Near Bairhatta one can visit the village Dehaband, a historically famous site. Some icons are still lying in this area. Persons interested in history can visit this place to fulfill their inquisitiveness. The icons discovered in the areas of Harirampur, Gangarampur, Kushmandi have their own style, different from that of the North Indian style. Ruins of an ancient town surrounded by boundary wall can be found here. This distinct style of sculpture was evolved by the two famous artists namely 'Dhiman' and 'Bitpala'