District Industries Centre

Area: 2219

Population – 1676276 (Census – 2011)

No. of Blocks – 8

No. of Municipalities – 3

No. of Bank Branches – 109


Agricultural Product:

Food Grains – Paddy, Wheat, Maiza, Mustard etc. 

Fibre Crope : Jute

Vegetables: Potato, Tomato

Fruits: Banana, Mango, Pineapples, guava etc. 

Others: Betal Vine. 

Type of Existing Industries:

  1. Large Industries: Nil
  2. Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises: Wooden furniture, MS Gate grill & Rolling Shutter, Saw Mill, Steel Furniture, Ice Cream Unit, Husking Mill, Paddy Processing Units, RCC Ring, Chari & Pole, Tailoring cum Readymade Garments, Beauty parlour, Xeroxing, Printing Unit, Electronics Reparing Unit, Computer Centre, Cyber Cafe, Jute Handicrafts Unit, Cane & Bamboo Crafts Unit, Grass Mat, Village Pottery & Terracotta, Wood craft, wooden musk unit, pottery, Handlooms, Cristal ornament, Solapith, Photo Colour Lab, Soft Dolls, Modern Rice Mill, Packaged Drinking Water Unit, Dairy products unit, Modern Bakery, pasting & Ply Board Manufacturing unit, weigh Bridge, petrol pump, cattle & fish feed unit, bricks field, Oil Mill, one Rice Bran Extraction plant.
  3. Clusters: 02
Name of the Cluster No. of Artisan Benefitted (approx)
Kadihat Pottery Cluster 130
Koil – Aligara Pottery Cluster 120

d) Rural Entrepreneur Hub : 03

Name of the Cluster No. of Artisan Benefitted (approx)
Kesrailk Grass Mat REH industrial Co-Operative Society Ltd. 120
Mahabari Grass Mat REH Industrial co-operative society Ltd 70
Ushaharan Wood & Banboo Crafts REH Industrial Co-operative Society Ltd. 60

Type of existing Handicraft Enterprises: 

  1. Cane and Bamboo: More than 300 Units located in Kushmandi, Balurghat, Hili, Gangarampur and Tapan Block.
  2. Wood Carving: About 100 units located in Balurghat and Kushmandi Block
  3. Village Pottery & Terracotta: About 200 Units located in Balurghat, Gangarampur, Kumarganj and Banshihari Block. 
  4.  Grass Mat: About 225 Units located in Banshihari, Harirampur and Balurghat Block.
  5.  Jute Handicraft: About 220 Units located in Kushmandi, Gangarampur, Kumarganj and Bahshihari Block. 
  6. Wooden Mask: About 50 Units located at Kushmandi Block
  7. Other types of Handicraft like Kantha Stitch, Embroidery, Crystal Ornaments, Solapith: Spread all over the District. 


There are ample scope of setting up rice bran oil extraction plant, expansion, modernization & development of packaging industries, pasting & ply board manufacturing unit, hosiery products manufacturing unit, dairy unit, Modern bakery, agro based products unit such as spices, noodles, potato chips / flakes, Readymade garments, betel leaf oil / gurgles/body was, chilli powder / sauce, tomato sauce / ketchup, pickles, chutney, kashundi, solar energy, power driven vehicles (e-rickshaw), Jute diversified products, mat (madur) diversified products, cold storage, carbon charcoal, hotel & lodge, dahi (nayabazar), Jamdani sarees (Gangarampur), glucose & starch unit, flour milling , paddy thresher, tractor trolley manufacturing unit, repairing & servicing of mobile phone refrigerator, electrical & electronics appliance, manufacturing of agricultural tools & equipment. 

Most potential:  

RICE BRAN OIL PLANT: Rice bran is the main raw material for manufacturing of rice bran oil. About 34 Rice Mills are presently running in the Dakshin Dnajpur district. Hence, they are main suppliers of raw material i.e. Rice bran to the rice bran oil manufacturer of this district and neighbouring district. In the district one rice bran oil manufacturer namely Kalyani Solvex Pvt. Ltd. is manufacturing rice bran oil. So, there is a possibility of setting up of new rice bran oil unit in the district. 

MUSTARD OIL MILL:  Oil seed corps occupy an important place in the agriculture an industrial economy of the country. Mustard Oil is also one of the major oil seeds from which edible oil is produced. Cultivation of mustard oil seeds is increasing rapidly in this district. Therefore, there is a good scope for setting up of Mustard oil unit in the district. 

Jute related Industries: Jute is a major fibre cash crop grown in eastern India and this is the second most important fibre in India after cotton. Dakshin Dinajpur occupies 3.22 per cent of total cultivated jute area in West Bengal. The Sector is very much potential for setting up to production jute fabric, jute diversified products – Handicrafts, Jute Geo-textiles and Activated Charcoal from Jute sticks. 

Promotion of Khir Dahi of Gangarampur: Khir Dahi is a traditional fermented milk product usually prepared from cow milk. it is a traditional delicious product of the identified area under Gangarampur Block of Dakshin Dinajpur district. Around 160 families of identified area are engaged in making this delicious food item. This business is started in the area in the period 1952-1960. Initially, few families were involved in this business but subsequently, involvement of number of families in the said business has been increased. while raw material i.e. milk is procured fromlocally and surrounding area for making the product Khir Dahi, giving market to the milk suppliers of the area for selling of raw material i.e. milk to the Khir Dahi producers. So, improved and handy packaging of Khir Dahi to capture the market is the urgent need of the area. 

Export Opportunities of the District:  Agro based products and Handicrafts items i.e. Bamboo crafts, Wooden crafts, Jute Diversified products. Natural Grass Mat products have the opportunities for export from this district & Handicrafts items (wooden musk, jute diversifies products, bamboo & cane products)

Potential Place for Industries: 

Gangarampur, Buniadpur & Balurghat


  1.  Industrial infrastructure: There two nos proposed growth Centre / Industrial estate in this district:-
Name of the Industrial Growth Centre (Proposed):   Area (Acre)
1. Paschim Rainagar Industrial Park 7.6
2. Paul Brothers Industrial Park Pvt. Ltd.  30.92


  1.  Marketing Infrastructure. (Karmatirtha): Three nos. of Karmatirthas established by the Department of MSME & T, WB and stall distributed among 90 nos.  beneficiaries. 
Name of the Block Name of Mouza Present Position
Gangarampur Bisrail Functional
Tapan Rampur Functional
Balurghat Chakbhakhar Functional



  1. Technical support for preparation of Project Report.
  2. Information on sources of machinery & equipment.
  3. Priority in Power Connection. 
  4. Promotion of new Industrial Estate / Growth Centre.
  5. MSME Facilitation Centre (MFC)
  6. Approval of Project Reports. 
  7. Award for Handicrafts Artisans. 
  8. Training through Entrepreneurship Development Programme. 
  9. Assistance under West Bengal Incentives Scheme
  10. Financial Assistance under self employment scheme like PMEGP.
  11. Financial Assistance through Bank / WBFC / WBSIC / NSIC
  12. Linkage with research Institute Like CMERI / CGCRI/CFTRI for technology up gradation & innovation. 
  13. Financial Assistance for modernization of unit. 
  14. Skill Development training through own workshop / organization like WEBCON / MSMEDI/NIRJAFT 
  15. Managerial capability improvement through training, workshop, Seminars. 
  16. Export assistance. 
  17. Artisan Old Age Pension to Old age artisan. 
  18. Standardization of Products. 
  19. Sick Unit revitalization. 
  20. National level awards for innovative products / outstanding growth / exports etc. 
  21. Registration of Industrial Cooperative & Financial assistance to them.
  22. Assistance under Equipment Leasing Scheme through NSIC.
  23. Marketing linkage with Central Govt. / State Govt. / Organizations / Undertakings. 
  24. Marketing assistance through WBSIC / NSIC / CEO.
  25. Financial assistance for handicraft Artisan through Artisan Credit Card. 
  26. Marketing information. 
  27. Marketing assistance through participation in Exhibitions / Trade Fairs / Buyers-seller Meet etc. 
  28. Marketing assistance to Handicrafts Artisans through participation in Handicraft Expo & Exhibition inside / outside of the state. 
  29. MSME Unit Registration (UAM) through online. 
  30. Attending problems related to MSME Registration / Bank Loan / Power Problem / Marketing production etc. (FINANCE CLINIC)
  31. Issue Pollution Certificate.
  32. Cluster Development Programme. 
  33. Design & Product Development for handicrafts. 
  34. Karmatirtha.
  35. Rural Entrepreneurship Hub.