Details Of Returning Officers for Assembly Constituency

ID ERO CODE District No. & Name of AC Designation of RO for AC as per approved list of ECI Name of the Officer Posted Mobile No. Official E-mail id Special Remarks (if anything important is required to be brought to notice)
1076 EROS25037AC Dakshin Dinajpur 37-Kushmandi (SC) Deputy Magistrate & Deputy Collector , Gangarampur Sub-Division at Buniadpur Shubhrangshu Mandal,WBCS(EXE.) 7908670729  
1077 EROS25038AC Dakshin Dinajpur 38-Kumarganj District Planning Officer, Dakshin Dinajpur Thendup Sherpa,WBCS(EXE.) 9434052470  
1078 EROS25039AC Dakshin Dinajpur 39-Balurghat Sub-Divisional Officer, Balurghat Biswaranjan Mukherjee, WBCS(EXE.) & SDO, Balurghat


1079 EROS25040AC Dakshin Dinajpur 40-Tapan (ST) Deputy Magistrate & Deputy Collector , Dakshin Dinajpur Sarbeswar Mandal, WBCS(EXE.)


1080 EROS25041AC Dakshin Dinajpur 41-Gangarampur (SC) Deputy Magistrate & Deputy Collector , Dakshin Dinajpur Kaushik Bhattacharya,WBCS(EXE.) 7908595769  
1081 EROS25042AC Dakshin Dinajpur 42-Harirampur Sub-Divisional Officer, Gangarampur, Sub-Division at Buniadpur Manabendra Debnath, WBCS(EXE.) & SDO, Gangarampur 9434055613