Women & Child Development & Social Welfare

Pension Scheme:-

There are four types of pension i.e.

  1. Disability Pension:- 40%- 49% Disabled Person. Contact at B.D.O Office. Income below Rs. 1000/-/Month. Pension Rs. 750/-/month.
  2. Old Age Pension:-Person above 60yrs. And income below 1000/-/Month. Pension Rs. 750/-/month. Contact at B.D.O Office.
  3. Widow Pension:-Widow Woman above 18 yrs and income below Rs. 1000/- / month. Contact at B.D.O Office. Pension Rs. 750/-/month.
  4. Manabik Pension:-Disability 50% and above. Income limit Rs. 1 Lac/year. Contact at B.D.O Office. Pension Rs. 1000/-/month.


For Handicapped students reading upto class VIII. Rs. 300/-/ month. Monthly income below Rs. 3000/-/ month. Contact at B.D.O Office.

Non Institutional Care for Destitute Children:-

@ Rs. 60/-/ month. Income below Rs. 3000/- /month. Contact at B.D.O Office.

National Trust:-

Apply Online to the District Magistrate for issuing legal guardianship certificate for Disabled person (See website Also apply online for scholarship for Disabled student at National Trust Portal.

ERG (Economic Rehabilitation Grant):-

For starting a small business for Disabled Persons income below Rs. 3000/-/ month. One time grant Rs. 10000/-.  

Cottage Home for Boys and Girls:-

Apply to the B.D.O for admission at Cottage Home for poor student above 6 years to 18 years. Income below Rs. 3000/-/ month. Contact at B.D.O Office.

 Admission at Govt. Boys Home:-

For destitute children admitted by order of the CWC (Child Welfare committee), Dakshin Dinajpur. Children in need of Care  and protection to be produced at Child Welfare committee located at Subhayan Home premises at Balurghat.

Production at JJB:-

Children (0-18 years) in conflict with law or victim of children with assault, injury etc to be produced at Juvenile Justice Board (JJB) at Subhayan Home Campus, Balurghat.

Production at CWC:-

Child in need of Care & Protection (0-18 yrs) to be produced at CWC, Dakshin Dinajpur for there restoration at Subhayan Home premises, Balurghat.

Admission at Specialization Adoption Agency (SAA), Hili:-

Abandoned and orphan children (0-6 years) may be admitted at SAA through CWC. Unwanted children may be surrendered to the SAA through CWC and District Child Protection Unit, Dakshin Dinajpur for adoption.


Parents willing to adopt a child may contact at District Child Protection Unit, Dakshin Dinajpur or SAA, Teor, Hili (Contact No. 9932326792). For any kind of Child Rights Violation issue, Contact DCPO, Dakshin Dinajpur (Contact No. 9433433778).