Border Area Development Programme is a Central / State / BADP / Local Schemes to meet the special development needs and well-being of the people living in remote and inaccessible area situated near the international border and to saturate the border areas with the entire essential infrastructure. 

This programme covers all the villages which located within the 0-10 KM of the international border and these villages is known as strategic villages. The State Government shall obtain a certificate from the DLC and after due satisfaction, sent the same to the department of Border Management for implementation of schemes under BADP. District Level Committees (DLCs) shall make their own definition of saturation of a village infrastructure. The minimum facilities included under BADP are goad connectivity, school along with facilities like separate toilets for girls sports facilities health services, electricity, water supply, community enters, public toilets etc.  

Financial year wise Status Report under BADP
Financial Year Name of the Block Total Sanctioned Fund (Amount in Rs.) No. of Schemes Sanctioned
2018-2019 Balurghat 3,48,50,000.00 17
Hili 87,50,000.00 4
Kumarganj 1,70,00,000.00 9
Tapan 2,57,00,000.00 11
Gangarampur 1,19,00,000.00 10
Kushmandi 1,52,00,000.00 5
Total:: 11,34,00,000.00 56
2019-2020 Balurghat 2,59,92,000.00 17
  Hili 1,74,92,000.00 10
  Kumarganj 2,64,92,000.00 14
  Tapan 2,68,92,000.00 14
  Gangarampur 3,03,92,000.00 17
  Kushmandi 2,28,60,000.00 12
  Balurghat Municipality 65,00,000.00 02
Total:: 15,66,20,000.00 86


Members of Paliament Local Area Development Scheme (MPLADS) is for Development works and creation of durable community assets. Individual benefits and movable & non-durable assets (certain exemptions excepted) are generally not allowed under the scheme. The emphasis is on creation of durable community assets based on locally felt needs in the arenas of roads, electricity, drinking water, health and education etc. 

The MPLADS is a plan scheme fully funded by Government of India. The annual MPLADS fund entitlement per MP constituency is Rs. 5,00,00,000.00.

Each MP will recommend works up to the annual entitlement during the financial year in the format at Annexure-III to the concerned District Authority. The District Authority will get the eligible sanctioned works executed as per the established procedure of the State Government. 

The MPLAD schemes in the district of Dakshin Dinajpur & Uttar Dinajpur falls under 6-Balurghat Lok Sabha with comprises of 7 (Seven) Assembly Constituencies. 

Sl. NO.  Name of the District No. & Name of Assembly Constituency
1 Uttar Dinajpur 36-Itahar
2 Dakshin Dinajpur 37-Kushmandi (SC)
40-Tapan (ST)
41-Gangarampur (SC)

Smt. Arpita Ghosh, Hon’ble MP 16th Lok Sabha, Balurghat P.C.

Works Sanctioned
Financial Year Number Sanctioned Cost
2014-15 77 Rs. 4,93,21,811.00
2015-16 52 Rs.4,96,67,538.00
2016-17 106 Rs.7,57,36,425.00
2017-18 92 Rs.5,02,37,117.00
2018-19 147 Rs.5,13,21,308.00
Total:: 474 Rs.27,62,84,199.00

Dr. Sukanta Majumdar, Hon’ble MP 17th Lok Sabha, Balurghat P.C.

Fund not yet received. 


The history of Dakshin Dinajpur used to be a part of the erstwhile Dinajpur district, dates back to the Pal and Sen dynasties and boasts of a glowing cultural heritage. 

From ancient manuscripts and inscriptions, we have come to know that there was a district named Kotrivarsha with its capital at Devkot. The district was well connected with 3 (three) big rivers namely  Atryee, Punarbhaba & Tangon.


Tourism projects under Dakshin Dinajpur district

Sl. No.  Name of the Scheme Block / Municipality Amount  Financial Year Physical Status
1. Construction of ground floor of Tourist lodge at Gangrampur, Dakshin Dinajpur Gangarampur 3,01,72,780.00 2012-13 Completed
2. Development of Tourism projects at Mahipal dighi, Kushmandi, Dakshin Dinajpur Kushmandi  90,16,137.00 2012-13 Completed
3. Constn. of kitchen cum dining bhall, sanitary works for tourist rooms and electrification works at Mahipal dighi, Kushmandi, Dakshin Dinajpur Kushmandi 38,16,924.00 2015-16 Completed
4. Construction of reniforced cement concrete road near Gour dighi, construction of toilet block with sanitaryworks and sitting arrangements at Gour dighi, Harirampur Harirampur 28,458,790.00 2013-14 Completed
5. Construction of guest hoiuse along with Dining cum Kitchen under development project of Gour dighi tourism project under Bairhatta GP Harirampur Harirampur 33,90,577.00 2013-14 Completed
6 Development of tourism projects at Tapan dighi Tapan 34,58,329.00 2013-14 Completed
7. Construction of cottage and toilets in the vicinity of Tapan dighi Tapan 26,46,930.00 2013-14 Completed
8. Infrastructure development of Aranyak at Balurghat Balurghat 30,00,000.00 2017-18 Completed


NBDD is a State Govt. funded scheme covers north bengal region which includes the District of Dakshin Dinajpur. Various development projectsin relation to infrastructure, construction, transportation, education, social service, community development, beautification, renovation, electrification works etc. have been implemented in this district over the last few years under NBDD scheme. Thus this scheme has made a positive impact in the life of common people of this district. 

Administrative Report of North Bengal Development Department
Financial Year No. of sanctioned schemes Sanctioned Fund (in lakh) No. of completedschemes No. of ongoing schemes  Fund Utilized (in lakh) 
2016-17 7 907.49055 3 4 775.528858
2017-18 2 53.59324 1 0 25.20295
2018-19 8 1733.48458 3 5 1274.92804
Total:: 17 2694.56837 7 9 2075.659848


Bidhayak Elaka Unnayan Prakalpa (BEUP) is a State Government sponsored fund for implementation of various development schemes throughout the state of West Bengal. The Schemes under BEUP is duly recommended by the local Hon’ble Member of Legislative Assembly Constituency for the welfare of the local people of the area. The Fund is placed by the State Government in favour of the District Magistrate and is released tot he Executing Agencies at the Block / GP level financial year wise. The fund limit of each MLA is Rs. 60 lakh per year. Like other district, the BEUP Scheme are also implemented in the district of Dakshin Dinajpur Financial Year wise. The number of LA Constituency in the District is 06 (Six)

Scheme Recommended by each MLA
No. & Name of the Assembly Constituency Name of the Hon’ble MLA Fund received for 2016-17, 2017-18, 2018-19 & 1st Installment for 2019-20 No.  Amount Total released to Executing Agency Total Expenditure incurred & UC submitted
37-Kushmandi (SC) Sri. Narmada Ch. Roy 2,10,00,000/- 111 1,79,99,579/- 1,77,08,647/- 1,53,83,615/-
38-Kumarganj Toraf Hossain Mandal 2,10,00,000/- 68 2,07,55,768/-  1,81,53,222/- 1,54,36,989/-
39-Balurghat Sri. Biswanath Chouwdhury 2,10,00,000/- 50 2,05,18,913/- 1,66,20,802/- 1,32,23,628/-
40-Tapan (ST) Sri. Bachchu Hansda 2,10,00,000/- 43 1,79,93,153/- 1,77,23,130/- 1,41,60,309/-
41-Gangarampur (SC) Sri. Goutam Das 2,10,00,000/- 78 2,10,00,000/- 1,79,97,364/- 1,22,35,640/-
42-Harirampur Rafikul Islam 2,10,00,000/- 29 1,79,75,302/- 1,64,75,302/- 1,29,25,320/-
Total:: 12,60,00,000/- 379 11,62,42,715/- 10,46,78,467/- 8,33,65,501/-