Judicial Munshikhana

Judicial Munshikhana directly serves the people in the following fields:

  • Issuance and Renewal of Arms License.
  • Issuance and Renewal of MS & HSD Licenses. 
  • Issuance and Renewal of Cooking Gas (LPG) / Lubricating Oil / Auto LPG / Solvex Licenses.
  • Issuance of Fire Crackers / Cinema Hall / Poison / Cyber Cafe / Sarai License.
  • Issuance and Renewal of Fire License of MR Dealers.
  • Appointment of Panel Pleaders and Special Public Prosecutors. 
  • Detailment of Executive Magistrates for maintenance of Law & Order.
  •  Payment of Ld. Public Prosecutor Bills / Panel PP Bill.
  • Payment of Prisoner’ Diet Bills / Bills for Unclaimed Dead Bodies.