Relief Godown

List of Relief Go-downs

Dist. H.Q/Sub-Division/Block/Municipality No. of Relief Go-downs(Three Compartments) No. of Relief Go-downs(Two Compartments) Others
Dist.H.Q     1 (One Big Room) in G.F. , 2(Two) Rooms in F.S & 1 (One) in old Court.
Gangarampur Sub-Division   1 (One)  
Buniadpur Municipality     1 (One) Room of the Office
Gangarampur Municipality     1 (One) Room of the Office
Balurghat Municipality     2 (Two) Rooms of the Khanika Guest House
Tapan Block 1 (One)    
Kumarganj Block 1 (One)    
Hili Block     3 (Three) Office Rooms
Gangarampur Block   1 (One)  
Banshihari Block   1 (One)  
Kushmandi Block 1 (One)    
Harirampur Block   1 (One)  
Balurghat Block 1 (One)    
Total 4 (Four) 4 (Four) 5 (Five) in 11 Rooms