General Department

The General Section of Dakshin Dinajpur District Collectorate is entrusted with the following services / works:- 

  1.  RIGHT TO INFORMATION ACT/2005: Under this Act the applicants submit their petitions to the S.P.I.O., office of the District Magistrate, Dakshin Dinajpur seeking information of several public authorities relating to this district. On receipt of required information, the applicants are informed within a stipulated time-frame under RTI Act./2005. the name of the present S.P.I.O. and 1st Appellate Authority of Dakshin Dinajpur District Collectorate is Smt. Nirmita Saha, WBCS (Exe.) O.C, General, D.M. & D.C and Shri Angshuman Bhattacharjee, WBCS Exe.), Addl. District Magistrate, Dakshin Dinajpur respectively.
  2.  SANCTION OF DELAYED BIRTH / DEATH REGISTRATION : The inhabitants of Balurghat Municipality area prayed for registration of birth/death to the authority of Balurghat Municipality beyond the stipulated period. On hearing and verification of the documents at this end, sanction is given to the Balurghat Municipality for issuance of delayed birth/death registration certificate. 
  3.  ALLOCATION OF GOVT. RENTAL HOUSING ESTATE: Govt. employees of this district praying for govt. rental housing at Khadimpur and Chakbhabani R.H.E are allotted govt. quarter against the vacancies and the correspondence regarding construction of new R.H.E and other related matters is also entrusted with this section. Moreover, the work of ‘NIJASHREE’ Housing Scheme is also entrusted with this section.
  4.  CONDUCT OF VARIOUS EXAMINATIONS:   Madhyamik, Higher \secondary under West Bengal Board of Secondary Education and West Bengal Higher Secondary Council and C.B.S.E and I.C.S.E and the recruitment examination under P.S.C & W.B.P.R.B conducted from this section. 
  5.  YOUTH PARLIAMENTARY COMPETION:  Youth Parliamentary Competition amongst the school and college students in district level is also conducted by the General Section in consultation with the D.I of Schools (S.E), Dakshin Dinajpur. 
  6.  PUBLIC GRIEVANCE CELL: Citizens generally apply complaints / grievances against any public authority for redressal. The petitions under Public Grievance Cell received in the Ground Floor of this building are forwarded the respective concerned authority to look into the matter to send report for information of the applicants.
  7.  RECEIVED AND DESPATCH: Letters endorsed to O.C/ General are received i this section with Docket No. and date. Replies and correspondence are also sent through issue register with issue no. and date. Central Despatch Section  is also maintained in General. 
  8.  VERIFICATION REPORT OF CHARACTER AND ANTECEDENTS: Letters alongwith Verification Rolls / Attestation Forms of employees received from the different authorities of Central Government Establishments / Central Govt. Undertaking / Defence Services for verification of character and antecedents are verified through the District Police. On receipt of verification report, the same is also forwarded to the concerned issuing office with the comment at this end. 
  9.  EDUCATION: The matters related to constructive and administrative activities of school / college / university education of Dakshin Dinajpur district also entrusted with this Section. The work of Tapan Integrated English Medium School is also entrusted with this section.