Main Bharat Hoon- Hum Bharat Ke Matdata Hain | ECI Song | National Voters’ Day 2023 |

The only truth we all know is that every Indian loves India. Their souls, hearts, minds and bodies speak of India with pride, owing to its ancient classic roots yet progressive, modern and glowing future as the best democracy in the world. Every Indian is proud to say that ‘I am India’ (Main Bharat Hoon) because they know the power of the individual vote to elect the best of executives to govern and build our country, India as the best democracy in the world. This song has been designed to aspire each VOTER to be one of the best architects of modern India, who understand their duty as well as their right to vote for their nation, irrespective of their status, class, religion, cast, place, language, and gender. Hence, each voter feels that they are India and India is within them. So, they are proud to sing together as in the song saying -– “MAIN BHARAT HOON – BHARAT HAI MUJHME – HUM BHARAT KE MATDATA HAIN – MATDAN DENE JAYENGE BHARAT KE LIYE…” Beautifully sung by 18 celebrity singers of India in Hindi and in regional languages of India on the inspiring lyrics and song written and composed by the legendary filmmaker, Subhash Ghai in association with Whistling Woods International School of Music, Mumbai. The Election Commission of India is proud to have produced this video song in Hindi and in multiple regional languages of India to inspire each voter to go and VOTE FOR INDIA, which is their right and duty both as an architect of India. Follow the Election Commission Of India on Social Media: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: